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No matter where you go or what you do,
your two most powerful resources are the mind and body.



Ever wonder how some people successfully manage their many priorities?

Why they seem so in control and not overwhelmed by an endless to-do list?


How do they do it?

If you really want to know and would like to learn these skills, please keep reading.


The Constant Factor is a boutique management development firm, specialized in selective high-quality events. We invite well-known management speakers and trainers to work on specific identified management needs. We do not want to be everything to everybody, but rather aim to match real-life challenges faced by the modern manager.


That is why we currently offer you to be part of a superb 1-day program on Strategic Intelligence Skills by Dr. Phil Nuernberger. His techniques are proven and taught at the Executive Course of Wharton School of Business, widely regarded as the world's best business school.


The program will enable you to:

1. Create a clear, calm mind for clarity and effectiveness in your professional life;

2. Maintain a mental balance and control in high-pressure situations (e.g. client presentations, negotiations, deadlines and audits);

3. Develop the skills in neurological self-management to optimize a mind-body balance and flexibility.



Please read more about this highly-rated program on our website. 


Special arrangements can be made for in-company programs or groups of participants from the same organization.


Feel free to contact us for more information at:Info@TheConstantFactor.Com

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